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20 Wedding Flowers Tips 2


Round Up Part 2

Well time has certainly flown recently so we thought we would collate our most recent wedding flowers tips for everyone.

Last time we had rather fortuitously posted exactly 20 tips when we came to count up for part 1 of our round up.
Just counting up for this post we’ve overshot by 4 but I like keeping everything in order so here are 20 more with 4 going into the pot for part 3!

We post our tips first on our Facebook page so to get them in real time why don’t you pop over and join us?

A few people have commented on them so we thought it would be useful to collate them in one handy place for everyone. x

20 Wedding Flowers Tips.

  • Check out what flowers will be in bloom at your venue on your wedding day. Use the same in your bouquet for max effect.
  • Your florist should label who each buttonhole & bouquet is for to avoid confusion.
  • Understand what you are paying for and also liable for. Glassware can often be expensive if broken.
  • Try small unique multiple displays for your top table instead of a usual arrangement.
  • Look to book your florist at least 6 months in advance. Popular summer dates quickly get taken.
  • Most vases, ornaments and display items can be sprayed to perfectly match your flowers and theme.
  • Scale and proportion is key for ensuring your bouquet is perfect for you.
  • A delicate wrist corsage can make a lovely addition or alternative to a bridesmaids bouquet.
  • How about a modern version of your mothers wedding bouquet for a great idea and a little tribute.
  • Your florist should supply spare pins and magnets for buttonholes and other items.
  • Try a sign decorated with flowers to guide guests to your venue.
  • If having DIY flowers factor in 2-3 days of work and preparation depending on flowers and qty
  • It takes 2 people to get married. Make sure both of you have a say in the flowers and designs.
  • Consider ferns, heathers, foliage & berries as an alternative to traditional buttonholes.
  • Ask your bridesmaids what their favourite flower is. If possible you can personalise each bouquet. Whilst keeping to your theme and matching your bouquet of course!
  • Winter weddings are becoming ever more popular as couples try to shave a few £££’s of the cost.
  • When choosing flowers for your bouquet ask your florist how heavy it will be. You have to carry it!
  • Why not use extra flowers or seeds that relate to your wedding as favours & gifts?
  • Displays from church could be taken to your reception venue to get maximum effect.
  • Why not use your floral table centres as the markers for your seating plan?

More tips on the way.

Come back soon for the next 20 updates in our little handy tips.

We really hope that someone finds one of them useful when arranging their florist / wedding flowers and will keep posting as many as we can think of.

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Find our tips useful?

Of course this is the 2nd round up of our wonderful tips so if you would like to read the first instalment then just visit Wedding Flowers Tips.

Love Rebecca & Sarah. x

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