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Posts Tagged ‘Nerd Alert’

Website Updates

Making things better…

Improving our site.

Hey everyone, at the moment we are trying to implement some new social aspects to our site to make sharing, commenting and interacting with our content a little easier.

Hopefully, if everything goes swimmingly you will be able to comment on our blog posts using your twitter or facebook …

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Web Site Tinkering

Please Note : Site Down

The lovely people who host our website have to do some technical jiggery pokery tonight (26/01/12) from 9.30pm onwards and this means our lovely site will off the grid until tomorrow morning.

This is going to make our site as quick as a flash fast…beaming into the ether from Manchester …

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Wedding season

Well, we are now 5 days into a balmy hot October and I’m sure there are lots of Brides out there thankful for last weekend’s amazing weather.

However, it seems reality has kicked back in now and we are well and truly into a windy and wet October.

Traditionally the wedding season runs from late …

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New sharing love!

Hey everyone, we have updated the way people who visit our site can share our pages and blog posts. Rather than having separate elements as before we now have 1 dedicated toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

So all you need to do now is simply use the same set of sharing icons for …

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Always looking to improve…

Well, despite going on holiday tomorrow (did I say on holiday tomorrow?) we still can’t help trying to spread the love and improving the experience for all our fans who look at our blog pages.

After much searching and testing we have settled on a lovely little feature that will suggest nice related posts to …

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