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WOW Award Winner


Our 1st Award!

We are proud to announce that we have won the Jacqueline Gold #WOW Award for January 2012!

Over the last 6 months we have been promoting Philosophy Flowers via our website and other social methods and are overjoyed that we have won this accolade. A lot of time and effort has gone into building relationships and our brand identity and we are really proud that our hard work has been recognised by a female industry leader and champion of other women in business.

What is the #WOW Award?

#WOW Award Badge
The #WOW award is announced each Wednesday on Twitter by Jacqueline Gold.

Jacqueline is the super successful Chief Executive, entrepreneur and businesswoman behind the massively successful Ann Summers and Knickerbox brands.

She certainly knows what to look for in a business and how to make it successful!

The #WOW award was created so that she could use her reach and influence to promote and champion other women in business. By being selected your business receives a personal seal of approval from Jacqueline that says ‘I think you have what it takes to succeed‘.

How do you enter #WOW?

Simply send a tweet to Jacqueline including the #WOW hashtag with details informing her of you and your business. She then carefully considers each entrant on it’s merits and every Wednesday selects 3 winners to announce on Twitter.

Her selection takes into account businesses that have style, know their product and customers and has, what she thinks is, the potential to further grow. If anyone can judge these elements it’s Jacqueline!

Once selected she then tweets her thousands of followers your details and you get to wear a badge on your website saying that you are a winner of the #WOW award. The award encourages women to shout about their business and to form a strong social bond with other winners and participants.


Actually winning came as a total surprise and shock to us. Like most competitions you enter you generally think you have little chance of winning as you know the calibre of other contestants and also…..well that’s the British way!

We thought nothing of it but suddenly our twitter feed exploded with new followers and tweets of congratulations. Our initial thought was what’s happening?

We then delved a little deeper and were overjoyed to see that we had won the award!

To say we have been smiling ear to ear since is an understatement and it’s something we can’t thank Jacqueline enough for. We really hope the award helps us to make new friendships and to create a business that she can be proud to have given her seal of approval to.

To see the winning tweet from Jacqueline and a selection of the tweets received afterwards just pop over to the Tweet tab. x

Congratulations also go to Shauna McCarney @HeavenlyTasty & The DoNation. Well done ladies! x

An Interview with Jacqueline herself

Once the euphoria had died down a little (but only a little) we contacted Jacqueline to thank her and to see if she would answer a few simple questions to shed some light on how she selects her winners, what stood out about our entry and being a woman in business. Enjoy.

Jacqueline Gold

    • What criteria do you normally use to select your #WOW winners?

I don’t have a particular set of criteria as I like to judge every entry independently. I will however always look to pick a business that is operational and has achieved a certain level of success to demonstrate the owner is serious about their business. Beyond that I am really looking for something that excites me and that has the #WOW factor. I look at all of the entries in some detail and ask myself if I think they have what it takes to succeed, whether that be a great business idea, a clear set of goals, or really strong branding. When I start to feel inspired by another business then that’s when I know it will be on my shortlist!

    • What stood out about our website and business to make you select us?

I loved the fact that Philosophy Flowers was run by two sisters who are really working hard to make their business work. I could see from the website how passionate and creative you both are and to me this felt like a well thought through business with owners who were using their talent and skills to offer good quality services. You know who you are and what your customers want, which is a great recipe for success.

    • As women in business trying to juggle running homes, families & work what tips can you give to reach your goals?

Firstly, be organized! I have always found that making sure I am organized and structured allows me to stay focused. Since becoming a mother this has been even more important as I want to make sure I spend as much time with my daughter as I can. I really do believe it’s important to set yourself overall goals but within these to also set mini goals that will help you achieve the bigger objectives. Having weekly or monthly goals will really help focus your mind on what you want to achieve.

    • If you could summarise in a single sentence your attitude to making your business work what would it be?

Passion, courage and vision; and being surrounded by a team that shares this with you.

    • Finally, what’s your favourite flower and what flowers did you have at your wedding?

My favourite Flower is peonies. My bouquet on my wedding day was a very simply cluster of lily of the valley. During our wedding breakfast each table were set with huge vases of white hydrangeas and stocks. My favourite part of the wedding was our registry table which was made of white hydrangea flowers, it was stunning!

And Finally

We love Jacqueline’s answers and they give a real insight (and a couple of tips) into how we and anyone reading this can improve and grow their business. A super massive thanks to Jacqueline for selecting us and for taking the time to answer a few questions. Also, a thanks to Shelley for getting the questions and details back to us so quickly.

If you would like to follow Jacqueline on twitter then just click here.

To visit her website and find out more about her story then click here.

One final thanks goes out to all our brides and grooms who have allowed us to be a part of their big day and to everyone who has given us support and help in getting to where we are today. 2012 has started fantastically! x

p.s. ……Jacqueline’s wedding sounds right up our street! x

Rebecca & Sarah @ Philosophy Flowers.

Tweets from the big day!

Here are a selection of tweets including Jacqueline’s announcement and subsequent messages of congratulations. We apologise in advance that we can’t include every tweet. We have tried to thank everyone who took the time to tweet us. x

Rebecca & Sarah @ Philosophy Flowers

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