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Playing with Pinterest


Getting to grips with Pinterest.

Hey everyone, over the last few days we have been getting to grips with the latest darling of the social media world (not instagram) but Pinterest.

Pinterest Image

I expect that most people in the wedding industry are aware of Pinterest but for those who aren’t it allows you to create online ‘Pinboards’ of all the images you find on the internet or on Pinterest itself.

Pinterest allows you to ‘follow’ people in a similar way to facebook and their ‘pins’ appear on your profile when you login. You can then comment on them or ‘repin’ them to one of your own boards.

It’s a fantastic way to organise research into styles and themes and for a bride organising a wedding it’s a fab way to keep all your inspiration in one place. You can search Pinterest for types of images and then pin, pin, pin away.

Have fun!!!!

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We aren’t going to get into the various complexities of using Pinterest here (it’s pretty easy) but if you are looking for a helping hand have a look at the help pages on Pinterest’s About Page.

Pinning an image you find on our website.

If you find some of our work or a funky image that you love on our website then you can use the little sharing bar at the bottom of your browser to ‘Pin’ an image directly from our site. Please leave the link back to our site. Giving credit where it’s due is what Pinterest is all about. x

Music of the moment.

This weeks top music treats are…..enjoy.

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