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Wedding Tulips


Technicolour Temptation.

With Spring seemingly just around the corner (it has been very very mild) what better way to usher in new growth and colour than with some spectacular tulips?

Tulips really are a wonderful flower to use in your wedding bouquet and displays. Used in single colour blocks they give any table display an amazing fresh burst of Pantone colour perfection. With seemingly endless colour options they can be matched to almost any theme.

From rich purples, reds and pinks to yellows and soft whites they really are superb. And if you’re super cool and right on colour trend there are even variations of orange that will embrace the Tangerine Tango Pantone colour of the year so warmly you would think they had based it on the tulip itself!

For the really adventurous using multi-coloured tulips and mixed colours will bring the spring & summer sunshine to any wedding!

Used on their own to make a perfect bouquet or allied to other flowers as both fillers or the main event they are flexible, relatively hardy and not overly expensive. A little word of warning they do like a drink on hot days and in stuffy rooms they need a little care and attention. But that’s our job! x

Wedding Tulips Mood Board

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Ian Wood Photography

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Billy Bye Photography

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