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Pink Lily


Beautiful Pink Lily

Preparing for a wedding.

As part of Jane & Ian’s wedding this weekend we have been preparing some beautiful pink lilies. Now of course every knows that the stamen will stain just about anything it comes into contact with so these are always removed from bouquets and displays as what would be worse than staining a brides wedding dress??? Nothing!

Of course in order to remove the stamen the lilies themselves have to have opened….

Open sesame…a little tip

We always collect our lilies a few days early to allow time for nature to take it’s course but sometimes everyone and everything needs a helping hand. The tweet below was from Wednesday night…..


The trick…

Warmth is the key to helping lilies to open so by placing them in warm (think tepid / luke warm) water and in a nice warm and sunny if possible environment this should hopefully speed nature along.

Et Voila!

Sometimes the colours and beauty of a flower just deserves a photo!

Pink Lily. Philosophy Flowers. Wedding Flowers Florist Manchester

Pink Lily. Philosophy Flowers. Wedding Flowers Florist Manchester

Friday Music.

Of course…what would the weekend be without a little music?

Wedding Florist & Flowers Manchester. Philosophy Flowers.

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